For thousands of years, humans have been driven by the idealised imagination of the best form of society. If you look closer, at the heart of religious/political extremism, this idealised vision of an alternative society plays a key role. This vision is nothing more than a Utopia: an imagined society. It may not be the perfect place. Some utopias could even aim to re-establishing medieval values/doctrines that encourage segregation. However, this Utopia can be presented as the ‘solution’ to all gloom, doom, and despair. It might not be possible to prevent this goal of an imagined society individuals/groups develop in their minds. However, what if we promote an alternative perfect society that works against violent radicalisation. Can we think of societies that work against violence? Societies that work against violence are comprised of individuals who believe in progress, democracy and equity. You get the point, ‘beliefs’ are important. Individuals believe, ‘whatever you believe, you become’. Without you, who believe in a progressive society, there is simply no such thing as a progressive society.